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Sunday Meditation + Celebration: 10:30 - 11:30 am

Religious Science Practitioner: Diana Mangus, RScP

Musician & Philosopher: Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.


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    I once had a consciousness that money was hard to get.  I wanted to hang onto it.  Everything I saw proved it.  I thought if a person wanted to make money he should work like the devil and not waste a cent.  That is only an idea.  It is now a fact that I don't know that there is any poverty.  It is no longer a part of my consciousness.  I spend what I want to spend when I want to spend it.  When you get the idea of the thing you want done, speak right out into Mind and Mind does it.  Mind is the only actor there is .  There is no law but Mind in action.. Law is Mind in action.  So I just got busy with myself, and one by one I treated myself with every concept of plenty.  I said: "There is plenty of money, plenty of opportunity, plenty of friends, plenty of business."  You must get rid of that thing that ails you.  If we still lack peace, if we lack prosperity, something ails us.  It is because we are seeing falsely.  That is all.

Love and Law (2001), pg. 199


    Suppose a practitioner is not able to convince himself of the Truth of the statements which he makes; how is he going to bring himself to the point of belief? By repeating the affirmation, dwelling on its meaning, meditating upon the spiritual significance of it until the subjective state of his thinking becomes clarified. This is the only reason for repeating treatments; for one treatment would heal anything if there were no doubts. Repeated treatments induce within consciousness a definite concept of an already established fact, even though the fact may not already have become objectified; this is why mental healing is a science. There is no room for doubt in a treatment.

Realize that you treat with your understanding through the Law. Never say: "I am not good enough to treat." There are no good, better and best; this is a delusion; for one is as good as another in the Truth.

Do not allow yourself to become superstitious; for you are dealing with a normal, natural law in the mental and spiritual world. This law is just as real as any other known law. Don't say: "I am not sure that I have enough power to treat"; you cannot heal with this mental attitude. Say, "As I let fall the forms of my thought they are operated upon by Principles I believe. This is the Law of God, the law of man and the Law of the Universe." Never say: "This disease is hard to heal while another is easy." If you find yourself saying this, at once heal yourself. This comes from a belief that we are dealing with a limited power.  

The Science of Mind (1926)

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